I am using proxy-center.com to to log into Facebook in China since 2009. That’s right, I was in China BEFORE Facebook was blocked. You might think that it was better back then, but that’s not completely true. It is true that before 2009 foreigners and Chinese were both able to log into Facebook in China without a problem, but there were a lot of other blocked sites that are now unblocked. Wikipedia, for one, use to be completely inaccessible a few years ago, but now, except for the pages concerning China, you can access it from behind The Great Firewall without a problem. There are a couple more sites that have been unblocked recently, including Myspace and LinkedIn, but the big one that everyone’s looking at – Facebook – is still blocked.

All About Proxies

If you don’t know what a Proxy is, here are the basics. It encrypts your information and changes your IP address. This has the double effect of making you invisible to users on the same Internet connection, your ISP (in this case China), and the website you’re trying to browse (like Facebook). Not only does it make you invisible online, it also protects your information from anyone who happens to be smart enough to find you. Proxies in china: The exact details aren’t really that important, and the main point is that it works. All you’ve got to do is sign into the given URL on your laptop or desktop, and you will appear to be in another country because of your new IP address. With your new IP address, you’ll be able to bypass Chinese Internet censorship and log into your Facebook account in China. There’s no “tricks” or “hacks” or modifications that you have to make to your computer. It works on Mac, Windows, and Linux. This is the Proxy I use to log into Facebook in China. After testing a couple other places, Proxy-Center is still my favorite.

access facebook using Proxy-Center

About Proxy-Center – The Best Proxy Service

I use Proxy-Center on my iPhone No installation Free Trial 30 day money back guarantee $6 per month (for one year sign up) or $8 per month (for two month sign up) So far, Proxy-Center hasn’t had any issues with getting blocked, but if you find that the link isn’t working here, send me an email and I’ve got another service I can give you a link to. But for now, stick with Proxy-Center. www.proxy-center.com

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